Wrestling City; Venice

Flood of Venice

Venice Canal

Venice has always been a mystery for me because it is one of the most unique cities in the world. This is a connected story so you should better read my Bologna post: https://www.anatoliannomad.com/en/all-i-can-say-about-bologna/

This title must be one of the weirdest combination. Venice known as city of romance or beauty but for us Venice is city of wrestling. I assume you have heard of couchsurfing, but for the ones who has never hear about it; It is an online hospitality platform that you can host and be hosted by people all over the world. I am planning to write longer about this organisation but till then, I believe it is enough. I was a member of CS almost one year and using it very often in my student house in Istanbul. I knew how the system worked and we wrote maybe more than 30 requests to locals in Venice but we only had 3 answers and one of them was positive. I think I can write a book about our host in Venice. Our host; Massimo had one request; to wrestle with each other in his apartment. Of course I wrestled before but it was just between my brothers, never Olympic wrestling. All of us were a bit scared of this situation. I am sure you would understand our concerns, at the and it is really weird to ask people who you have just met to wrestle with each other. Of course couchsurfing does not seem very secure as well but this was behind the crazy. As far as we read from Massimo’s couchsurfing profile (he had more than 600 references) no one seemed harmed. That was the only thing that gave us will to get his place at time.

Flood of Venice

Flood of Venice

Wrestling is very tiring if you are a beginner. It doesn’t look like so but you use almost every muscle in your body to take control of your opponent. I mostly got beaten by Kuba but it was really much more better than we expected. At the end I was more open to crazy things and it really helps your travels. You may have to do very “different” things on the road.

After 2 nights with Massimo, we left his place and settled in a hostel in Mestre. We had lots of sightseeing but when we got there Venice had experienced one of the highest floods in it’s history. The funny thing is, people are really got used to these floods, when it starts people just put the items upper shelfs.

The main purpose of Venice trip was the famous Venice architecture Biennale. Whe dictionary meaning of Biennale is the thing you do once in two years. In my opinion; in Giardini part, most of the pavilions were out of ideas, most of the pavilions were very boring for me; when I was thinking about going to the Arsenale (exhibition) part, I thought after buying the ticket is would be silly to not going there. I am very glad to go there because exhibitions were much more funnier than pavilions. I thing I only missed the pavilions in the city. But I am happy to visit the Biennale. I suggest everyone to go there but of course if you have time! If you haven’t got a lot of time I should explore the city. Venice is more than Biennale.

To be brief, Venice is very beautiful city but it is very fake as well. I barely saw locals in old town everyone seemed very tourist and everything around us were for tourists. -I mean very high prices-. I would like to go back to Venice sometime.

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