Who am I?

Hello! Merhaba! Servus!


Me in Venice, 2012I was born in a part of old world, actually very beginning of the human history as we know (see: Çatalhöyük) which has been called as Anatolia (Anadolu) with the name; “Okan”.


At the very beginning of this day; I was being lazy and instead of taking off for a travel, I was reading other people’s travel blogs online and then suddenly I said to myself; “Why don’t I write my very own blog?”. I am not really a person who can keep even a regular diary. I thing that is because historically Turkish people were always nomads and refused to use pencils and books for a really long time, oral literature was the main thing. But since we are in the year of 2013 I thing I should write something If I want to leave something in this mortal life behind me.  That’s why today I started to write this  “Travel Blog” which will include the different things that I saw as a traveler -culture, food, people pretty much everything.-
I also am very interested about analog and digital photography and most of the pictures that I post online will be my very own “art”.
Hopefully I will write this blog in three languages; Turkish, English and German but the main language will of course be English.
P.S. :German is the weakest ring in the chain but I want to improve it; so please do not hesitate to correct my grammatical wrongs.


I am traveling around and i really like to share my memories with people, I believe internet is the best option for it. You can find more information about me in About me category :)

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