Hiking; My new hobby

Average Istanbul local walks 6 km per day -totally made it up-.  Without scientific factors even a tourist can tell that. As you know, public transportation is not very improved so people have to walk between their transportation vehicles. Also we should count the hills which people constantly climb -other name of Istanbul is Seven Hills-.

a friend in wallberg


 A friend in Wallberg


I was a bit of an urban hiker before but despite of Turkey, here in Germany hiking is a really popular sport. Of course I did some nature walks before but never actually hiked before coming to Germany. When you start especially if you are a beginner, you swore to yourself and complain a lot but at the and a little happiness comes after. Second is better and third is just a delight.

My first hiking experience was in Königssee  I was such a cry-baby and somehow I convinced my fellow travelers to take the cable car to the top and walk downwards. I know it is lame but I was ignorant. I can not say that I enjoyed that day but after finishing it you feel like you accomplished a good goal and this feeling worth to do hiking.

Second was by the Schliersee lake it was total coincidence. When I was checking my e-mails, I just found an invitation to a hiking organisation from civil engineering faculty of TU Munich. As it was free and all included, and I am a freeloader why not to join? That was the first time that i really enjoyed it but today I experienced whole new hiking in Wallberg.

Chapel on top of the Mountain

The “Great” Chapel of Schliersee


Wallberg is a pre-Alp mountain close to Munich and last days, if you don’t count rain weather was really nice in Munich I thought it may be even sunny. But I found out on the way to the mountain, it was going to snow a bit heavily. I was  prepared (I made 3 sandwiches) and nothing could scare me out. When we started to hike it was little bit hard but ok. When we came close to the top, the amount of fog increased dramatically I was not able to see people 10 mt away from me but luckily there were some javelins which shows the borders of the track it wasn’t easy to get off the track -sometimes i just love German organisation-. When I was hiking in Schliersee, our tutor said there was a chapel at the top of the mountain and I got a bit excited about seing a building on top of a mountain but then I found out the chapel was a 2 mt big small cabin. This time the leader said there will be a chapel on top of the mountain, I kept my expectations low and it was bigger! small but bigger than this one!

After spending approximately one hour in the Panaroma Restaurant of Wallberg (don’t eat Tagessupe very small portions) we decided to make our way back to Munich and suddenly someone decided to run down! then I decided to make a video out of it. Thank’s to Baptiste it was really easy to go down because he brought some plastic garbage bag with him and we just slide down in  some part of the track and it was extremely funny. Just like my childhood. Once we tried to slide with a wooden ladder down from a hill when I was 5 and it actually worked. The ladder was pretty much like this one.


Anyway it was maybe the funniest event that I have ever attended in my Erasmus life.

Running down from the mountain


I hope to continue this even in Turkey.



I am traveling around and i really like to share my memories with people, I believe internet is the best option for it. You can find more information about me in About me category :)

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