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DIY Industrial bookshelf

Hey Everybody! I know this isn’t my kind of post, and I know I still need to write about Thailand and Morocco -or maybe my third time in Portugal? Starting with May, I finally moved out of Cottbus. I found a flat in Berlin and I did not bring any furniture with me, as they …


Hiking; My new hobby

Average Istanbul local walks 6 km per day -totally made it up-.  Without scientific factors even a tourist can tell that. As you know, public transportation is not very improved so people have to walk between their transportation vehicles. Also we should count the hills which people constantly climb -other name of Istanbul is Seven Hills-.    A …


About Couchsurfing

I like to meet with new people, especially people from other cultures. Before finding this very good organisation, I was not aware of having contact with people in my own house would be this easy and safe! This is an organisation that gives you the chance to host or get hosted by people who you have never met …