All I can say about Bologna

I really enjoy to live spontaneously, I have never been a person who can make long term plans and obey that plans.

I don’t know why but most of my friends in Munich are architecture students and one evening one of them (Kuba) called me and offered me to take a small (4 days) Italy tour with other good friend of mine (Biagio). I have never been in Italy before and I had the time; so why do we still sit?

We spent couple of days of planning on-line.We used carpooling to get to Italy but the only carpool that we could find in good price range was to Verona so the plan was firstly to go Verona and stay there for some time and take the train to Venice. But then, suddenly Biagio’s friend who lives in Bologna invited him to a Halloween party. At the same time he told us about the invitation, I remembered my friend in Italy -I spend 2 months in Brigthon to learn English maybe 5 years ago and that time I have met really nice people from all over the world. One of them (actually two of them but one has moved out last year) was living in Bologna and- and texted her asked her if she has time for us. Luckily she had, and we decided to take the train at 9.05pm but our planned arrival time was 9pm so it was a big struggle for us to catch the last train to Bologna from Verona. We made it to the train station at 9.03 and just runned like Forrest Gump; when we got inside without tickets, the doors closed and train started to move. -the only thing that I can say about Verona is; it is hard to find the train station and it rains!-

We had really nice time in Bologna; thanks to Vicky! She cooked, hosted, and guide us. I can not ask for any better host. I hope I will host her in Turkey!


Bologna Passages

My opinions about Bologna is very Positive. It is just a city that a student would like to live, it is alive, beautiful and has a really nice ancient campus. People likely to speak with you even you don’t know them. I believe it is student effect of the city. There were passages under the buildings which covers you from rain and they were very beautiful.

Unfortunately most of the shops were closed because of the All Saint’s Day but I still enjoyed the city a lot.

In the street that you can see the photo of on my Flickr account (Bar Crawl) I was walking around with my camera and one of the bodyguards of those bars thought I was a journalist and making some article about the dirtiness and loudness of that street -my friend said there was some problems between people who live there and the bar owners.- and tried to blackmail me, luckily I had my friend with me and she saved me from possible beat up!


I wish I could spend more time in Bologna but we had to go to Venice because of the promise that we gave to our host in Venice. But none of us were willing to go there. You will understand why when you read my story about Venice.

I wish you enjoyed my Bologna story, if you wish to read my Venice story: