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I like to meet with new people, especially people from other cultures. Before finding this very good organisation, I was not aware of having contact with people in my own house would be this easy and safe! This is an organisation that gives you the chance to host or get hosted by people who you have never met before. Being hosted does not only mean a free couch to crush on for that night. It is more about to get to know the culture and share nice moments together. You should read people’s profile before meeting them and see if you have some common interests to share. In my opinion, you will have the best time with a local. Especially in small cities. But sometimes you may be helpless and just need a place to crush on. I accept people like that and have been accepted. You can even meet really nice people in that circumstances.

I didn’t mean this but you should check this “couchsurfing” too:

Safety issues; When I first heard of this organisation I said;  “How can I trust someone to accept them to my own house?”. I am sure everyone of us would ask the same. But in the website there are some criterias that you can see on people’s profiles. For example; you can read their references to have an idea about what kind of person he/she is. And of course pictures are pretty important if you come from middle east like me, you must have some nice pictures for make people believe that you are not going to bring a “bomb” with you. Sure I am exaggerating it but the situation is pretty much like that. There is really big prejudice about people from middle east and the only way to win this; you must have a nice profile. Vouches are really important as well but more than %70 of couchsurfers has no vouches. In a nutshell if you want to vouch for someone you must have at least 3 vouches from other people. So if you get vouched it means you are a trust-able person. There is another option that gives a bit more trust points. That would be confirming yourself. It means you literally pay to the couchsurfing to get a green tick on your profile. I don’t really give rats ass about it but i am sure there are some people cares about being confirmed.

First experience; It is probably the most important experience in your couchsurfing life. Like everything, if something starts good, it gets better with time. My first real experience was with two German travelers (Michael and Johannes) who were travelling to China from Germany by hitchhiking! I can easily say that they gave me the spirit to travel around. I mean I always liked to see new places but I have never been out like them before. It sure requires some balls. I admit, they were cleaner and tidier than me so the biggest problem for me was solved; cleanness. While traveling with couchsurfing as a host, you can expect travelers to be dirty. I always say to my guests before they come, I have a washing machine, hot water and clean place to sleep on because for me that is the most important thing on your travels. You don’t want to get sick in the middle of the road. Even if your first experience is bad, keep trying I am sure you will meet very nice people through couchsurfing, as I did.

Thanks for reading, I hope it will help other people to join couchsurfing.

I found a nice video about Couchsurfing:



I am traveling around and i really like to share my memories with people, I believe internet is the best option for it. You can find more information about me in About me category :)

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