Online again!

4 years have passed, since the last time I wrote in my blog. I feel sorry that I had such a long time. There are many reasons for that.

Firstly, I am not sure what caused it but someone kept hacking my poor blog and putting his shitty Hacked by xxx page. I had to reinstall from my backups on a daily basis. I was not sure what exactly caused the security gap back then, so I could not solve it. Might have been the add-ons or the theme I used back then, or the server itself. No way to find that out now :)

Another reason that I discontinued the blog was godaddy company. I have rented my domain from them for cheap (I do not remember how much I paid back then) and when I needed to renew the domain, they billed me around 100€. Which I found extremely high and of course they registered the domain in order to sell it for even higher price later. Later on I learned that this is their business technique, to make people members with good prices but then make them pay more in order to keep the domains. As someone else registered my domain, I could not use my website after that. I am not using them again!

Some might think that I stopped travelling while my blog was offline. Actually I traveled a lot since my last entry about Italy. I am going to try to write about them briefly as I find time. They will all be memories but I think I still remember good enough to make it interesting for you to read!

But anyway, enough with my miserable reasons and let’s enjoy the fact that is back online and going to be better than ever! I have changed the looks of the site, I have improved the server, I have found a better translation system that allows me to write easily in many languages! I hope you will find my blog interesting, keep in touch!

To learn what I have been doing the last 4 years, you can read my article about it.


I am traveling around and i really like to share my memories with people, I believe internet is the best option for it. You can find more information about me in About me category.



Hi! ive found your blog through one of your comment on the theme page.

First of all i want to say that i started my blog recently, and i immediately had one hacker attack!! i was so scared but luckily it’s fixed now and for now there hasn’t been any further attack. I just don’t see how people can have fun ruining someone’s work….

I have one question for you regarding the translation options that you have in your header, is there a “contact me” page or a way i could get in touch with you for a quick explanation?

Thank you,


Hello Lexi,

sorry I only realized your comment recently. I made all the comments to be approved by me because of people spamming under my articles. I am going to contact you with the email adress you provided in your comment.
I hope that is alright,


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